Master Plans

Everyone has plans, either big or small. This here, however, is all of our very-well thought-out ultimate master plans that will someday be a very glorious reality. For now though they're just carefully thought up fantasies put out into perspective laid out on a website. Check them out though. They're fun.

Ghetto Bitch Sex Shack

(This is actually Alex's plan that doesn't have to do with Allison. She is of course welcome to use it at anytime, but this plan was created with Alex's friend Amanda. Alex just felt the need to share it with you anyway. It's a good plan.)


Music Managing Pop stardom




Some gravy on the bg pic: this here is Allison and Alex on their routine brainstorming sessions. they meet in an undisclosed area and talk. This picture was taken by a paparazzi photographer from the worldly news update, hiding in the bushes. Alex and Allison had to relocate and now discuss major ideas at another time and place.