What up. This here is the work of the creative master minds located in the notorious gang banging crew, the Ghetto Bitches. if you'd like a little more background on the GB crew, the deal is "don't mess wit da best or you'll die like da rest". That there is the motto of Alex and Amanda in their club. but if you are already full aware of what's been goin' down in the neighborhood, check out this little homeslice.

It all started when Amanda, not being so innocent as she is made out to be, and Alex, being her normal self, started talking about how we love our mens, and how we would so totally do them. (by the way this is from a long long time ago- so it's like... their SOO not "our mens" anymore. jut thought I'd mention that.)

to read the whole convo go here

Then I drew out floor plans and everything! check it out! it's dope to da max.

Alex's side                         Amanda's side

and here's a preview of one of the rooms... the bedroom, except with a couple slight changes...

yeeeaaahhh baby! the differences is the ceiling will have mirrors as well, and a big disco ball and a tight ass sound system that has a remote. so with a touch of a button, you can listen to Marvin Gaye's "let's get it on" to the more updated version by 'Nsync, "giddy up" (which is NOT about horses! ...God bless Toby, RIP.... lol) 

So those are the plans. I've been trying to get the blueprints to some of the best architects out there, but none of them would do the job. they're just bitter cuz they didn't think of it themselves... and I think they wanted more than the $8.62, the half eaten snickers bar and the chapstick I had in my pocket I offered them to build it. who knew they charged so much?