This is Jake.
He's 18 years old, lives by us, went to our elementary and junior high school, dyes his hair black, always wears that sexy belt around his ass.
Allison nominated him, and this is why:
"I've actually known him since I was in 4th grade, I had a split class. He was in 5th grade. He was a silly boy, and I was an unknowing girl. We joked around, hah, laughed... it was great times. (This is all being said while teeth are clenched) And then one day... sophomore year, we had the same history class cuz he had to take it over again. He sat in front of me and he tempted me with his sweet charm. And the way he wore his belts over his nice ass that i want to BITE. Every time I see him or think of his ass, I have to clench my teeth because I want to put his butt cheek in my mouth and BITE IT! I don't know why, I'm bad! So he's nominated for his very sexy ass that I want to BITE. plus he's just really cute."

Alex's rating:
♂♂1/2 out of 5
Allison's rating:  ♂♂♂♂ out of 5

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