Hey everyone! yes, well, I guess you could probably guess where this is going... so let me get straight to the point already. 


and then took pictures to prove it.

there's a story behind it too... it goes a little something like this:

now before you get all these ideas, let me just clear up a few things... 

It was all Allison's Idea!! ...well I don't want to seem like the biggest perv, so I'm giving most of the credit to Allison, even though we both thought it up. naughty us. bored... naughty us.

It all started when Allison, Jenni, Carolyn and I were having a snowball fight. that got boring fast, since it was cold, wet and Allison had on her huge sleeping bag jacket which repelled every snowball, we were laying in the snow thinking what we could do with it. no use in making angels, because we are no angels, and we were soaking wet, which made it farley uncomfortable. after just chillin a bit, Allison and I both, almost at the exact same time, suggested making a snow peepee. I mean, hey why not? beats the old fashioned boring old ...old snowman. yeah well so while Jenni retreated inside to warm up, Allison and I got right on the job. starting with the balls and working our way up, we managed an ok looking peepee. but then to our dismay, Dallas, Allison's crazy Golden retriever, ran at the snow peepee and totally smashed it. ouch, that's gotta hurt. so while rebuilding it, I ran home to get the camera and my sleeping bag jacket. (Allison and I both have one. we're twins.) Jenni came back out to help fix it up, so as I make it back, it is rebuilt. more bigger and firmer than ever. we we're planning on like a huge one, but we got lazy and twiddled it down to a 4 footer. after our proud master piece was finished, it was time to start charging prices for portrait shots. except no one wanted to take a picture with a giant snow peepee for $5. so we just opted to take photos with it ourselves.


WHOOOOAAAA!!! that's one giant snow peepee!

 Who wouldn't want their portrait taken with a giant snow peepee? well after a big feministic "take down the peepee!" movement, we stomped it down to the nads and retreated inside for some hot cocoa.

the end

That was our only snow day this year, and I felt we spent it wisely. oh and while I'm at it, I'd like to copyright this 3 1/2 foot snow peepee. "Allie, Jen, & Alex's snowpeepee 2001". so don't get any funny ideas. unless you want to get in the Guinness book of world records for building the most giantest biggest snowpeepee in the world, I say go for it! I'm rooting for ya!

oh and I know we're probably not the first ones to think "let's build a peepee out of snow" idea, but in our area... all we saw were snowmen in the yards. there was only one yard that had the snowmen's little man in their yard... ALLISON'S YARD! WHOO! the yard of hopes and dreams... and SNOWPEEPEEs!