The "Skinny" on what went down

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About to go on the Rad Trip, Sheena Allison and Alex head over to Trader Joe's to stock up on some snack foods. Sheena grabs a bag of these odd looking BBQ flavored corn chip foam bowl things. A little skeptical at first, Alex denied impulse purchases. She gave in though, and thank goodness she did or else they wouldn't have tasted such delightful pleasure that only BBQ foam cups can deliver.  The height of acceptance of these delicious treats happened when boredom in the backseat arose and Sheena placed a little chunk of string cheese in the mix. The were devoured in no time. For extra goodness, Alex placed another half shell atop the mini BBQ bowl of mozzarella and so the cheese would also not escape.

Thinking of these moments just an hour and a half ago, Allison and Alex craved it all over again. What was suppose to be a 10 second trip, turned into a very long excavation. They ceased webpage updating to visit their good friend, Trader Joe, to snatch up the chips.  But no go. Joe let them down, but did provide viewing pleasure of a silly boy, some health chee-tos and sugary banana chips. "Hey I thought Fred Myers had them?" Alex exclaimed. "Let's roll" Allison put on her shades and they high-tailed it out of there.

Fred Myers let them down big time. They didn't even have the F'n brand! "Wait was it Safeway or Red Apple that I saw them?" Alex thought aloud. "Let's head to both." Allison says, putting on her shades as they high-tailed it on out of there.

Peelin out in a fantasmic fury for the craving of these snacks, they drove to Safeway, which felt like eternity. Allison and Alex got stuck behind a bunch of retards who deserve driving awards. They slid into Safeway as fast as they slid out, because once again they were let down, with no luck. The right brand was there but not the BBQ flavor, so close and yet so far away. "Alright to Red Apple we go" shouted Alex and Allison as they thrust their fist into the air. Allison put on her shades and they high-tailed it out of there.

What should have taken 10 seconds to get to Red Apple wound up taking 10 hours. The two girls ended up behind more drivers that deserved driving awards. There was one driver in particular that needed his award right away but all Allison could give him was encouraging words. "Yeah! Thanks! Thanks a lot, you butt hole sucking fuck face!!" Allison yelled. So finally they reached the allotted destination, a.k.a the holy land. Allison doesn't even worry about her parking job and the girls raced inside with out a care in the world (except to get those chips). There was almost a fatality, as Allison approached the automatic door Alex screams out, in slow motion, "NO, THAT'S THE SLOW DOOR!". Allison had no time to pause as the door side swiped her boob. However they made it in safely inside with no scratches. They literally run down the isle and are rewarded with victory. They target the chips on the top shelf and Alex furiously grabs 3 bags as if they were about to vanish. They cheer in their glorious triumph, they are the winners.

 With the String cheese at home they were ready to go. And now folks they are full.