yeah well we are funny, and we say funny things so we just thought we'd let you know what some of them are! Also other quotes that are inspirational that we wish we said.

[Reading a sign that says "Do you want bears at your camp?"] "Hell yeah!" - Allison, Rad Trip, 2002

"Safety Dance, Safety Dance, Everybody look at your pants!" - Homer Simpson, Safety Dance

"You're so cute, with your BACON PIE" -Alex, 9th grade school project, 2000

"My bad, cuz I'm bad" -Allison

"How 'bout it's right the F over there!...." -Ethan, Slackers

"Not so funny, meow, huh?" -Super Troopers

"Yeah! Thanks! Thanks a lot, you butt hole sucking fuck face!" -Allison

"I don't say funny things..." -Alex

"Who's the goose?" "It's just a joke sir!" -Dude Where's my Car?

"You have Diarrhea in your mouth." -Alex

"Not Cool, Not Cool." -Sheena's Dad
"You got caught!" -Allison's Mom

[In a gay lisp] "Silly boys, silly boys on parade" - Allison's brother, Ryan

[also In a gay lisp] "Super Silly Sasaphras!" - Allison's brother, Ryan (who is not in anyway gay)

"Man, I'm so Hott, I wouldn't be surprised if I had Sex today!" -Alex

"Oh you did you mean "rush hour" ya fuck face? GOD you're such a fuck face!" - Alex


many many many many mucho more to come.