Polaroid Pics

we enjoy the fast developing world of Polaroid. therefore we keep one handy for when we have the urge to be spontaneous and silly and then want to see the results quickly. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


We wanted to make donuts one night, but didn't have a circle shape cookie-cutter, but we found one in the shape of a dog bone and thus "Bonuts"() were born.



Christmas Eve... most people sit by the fire, drink eggnog, laugh merrily... well we saw "Dude where's my car?" and dressed up nicely for it. (Girl on the far right: Allison's sister, Carolyn.)



Parents out of town = ...stupid craziness. lots more pictures, but all really stupid, so we just put the cool Al pics up.






Modeling is easy. just set up a fan to blow your hair around and put on a sweater. maybe look a little dazed and you're good to go. be sure to get a little sister to take your pictures, too. Also look for the secrets in the 2 pictures of just Al or Al standing.


Once upon a time, Allison was gonna help redesign their bathrooms, but that didn't happen... but here's some pictures we took along the way.


This is from Sophomore year Halloween, where Allison and Alex made their own costumes and it was totally awesome cool. and also the end of Halloween for the both of them.  The pics before the final product is them getting pumped up to wear our newly made creations.


This is again, sophomore year, Allison getting ready for the spirit of their first football game, and Alex... supporting her in her decision to paint her face.

Apparently when they were sophomores, the only photographic technology was a Polaroid camera. not anymore, however.