July 4th 2003: !!!

November 24th 2002: Damnit, 3 months and a day? What the F is our problem?? Anyways. Updated is the random page... the front page, if you hadn't noticed already... and yeah we're failures, sorry. all the stuff we need to update requires a lot of scanning of photos, and time from us... and ... we're sorry. empty promises will be fulfilled!! there will no longer be an empty void in your soul... as soon as we scan 1000+ pictures. so... we'll work it out, don't' worry! we love you! keep coming back!

August 23rd 2002: HOLY CRAP. Update to miz-ax. We even got a whole new section, sucka solja! Al & Al gallery, updated the Quotes page, added some Silly Silly boys... totally check that out. A new adventure arose, check that out, too. The best part- only took us 3 months instead of 5. All our thanks for the motivation to update more, goes to our biggest fans up in Michigan! Katie and Madi! Whoo hell yeah! We have so much more in store you don't even understand. You ain't seen nuthin yet! Be sure to sign the guestbook or email us... cuz the only emails we get are junk mail about Britney Spears porn.

May 25th 2002: uh ok man, totally awesomeness, we totally like totaled it up. we got like, more pages, more pictures... it's mind exploding FUN! um hope it's good for you.
Ok, Allison went pee because she was so excited, so I'll finish this up- yeah it's been awhile. long time... yeah and I'm pretending like there are many followers to the site, when actually it's just Trevor. so hey! this one's for you! I, Alex, personally promise the next update won't take 5 months. thank you.

January 7th 2002: this update did not happen

January 6th 2002: okay this is Allison, and Alex won't let me type but I will do good! (retard sounds coming from Allison's mouth) I am a big idiot! So Alex what is up? 

um... this is Allison's first time, you must excuse her. ok well it's been like 2 months. -oh hold on Alex I just want to say that my birthday is in 13 days (January 19th) so you can continue now.- alright thank you. anyways, we are actually going to have links to pages to see stuff. yeah. 

November 4th 2001: I did an Index page and picture, and made an updates page. brilliant, I know. ...and no one will ever see this update because it is not published yet. oh and I know you never mix and match the colors navy and black, but it looked better with the graphic, but it'll never happen again. I so sorreeh.