This here is one of our rather normal conversations on AOL instant messenger. I replaced our screen names with just our names, cuz I don't want any crazy fans to stalk us. it's happened before, ya know. (lol, I'm sorry we love you guys, but gotta keep ourselves on the DL.) and there is many mentions of our guy friends in here, and boy would THAT be embarrassing if they came across this and found out we talk about them like we do! lol. so I edited the hell out of this ish (Amanda got me sayin that) and got mainly to the birth of the ghetto bitch sex shack. there's a lot before it, so if it doesn't make sense... it shouldn't. I tried to edit this and make it as easily understandable as possible... which was kinda hard, but I managed it. thankyouverymuch! p.s. it's sorta weird and a little long... but if you got nothing better to do, go ahead and read this sucka.



Amanda: ok, assuming all these guys were like..

fresh. like lets say we lived in Oklahoma or something,

and we moved here, and we didn't have any dibs on

them or anything and they were all pure and all that shit,

like not a man-whore (****) and not.. stacey'fied (****) who

would you do?

Alex: who would I do? aw they're all innocent

and nice?

Amanda: like you could have any of them... and

they were them, but more perfect who would you want?

Amanda: no, they are just perfect

Amanda: you wouldn't be devirginizing them or


Alex: I'd do practically all of them then. if

they're all so sweet & perfect.

Alex: ok I'd do **** first

Alex: I don't know why

Amanda: lol

Alex: but **** for sure

Amanda: so the list is: ****, ***, ****, ****, *****,

*** and *****

Alex: aw, can't we devirginize them? then I

would do most of them, cuz it'd be all nice and cute.

Amanda: don't worry about my feelings. fine,

devirginize them

Alex: you sounded all sarcastic and bitter


Alex: ok if **** was a virgin, I'd do him first.

Amanda: you WANT to devirginze people?


Alex: lol!

Amanda: j/k

Alex: no, it'd just be all cute innocent and

sweet that's all.

Amanda: i gotcha.. i go for innocence myself

Alex: and do **** under any condition. well

unless the condition was he had std's and hated me or

something. then that's just cruel.

Amanda: nope, he's perfect

Amanda: ANY condition? what if he'd die if you

had sex with him, like momma bees or whatever

Alex: can I just do **** and **** ... like at the

same time? they're both too perfect to let anyone be first.


Amanda: no, they'd stay virgins, like they are in a

room, and you get to pick which ones get to lose their

virginity to you lets say

Amanda: at the same time. wow, you are a slut.

Amanda: j/k

Alex: I know, but I love them too much

Alex: but definitely perfect innocent **** and


Alex: that's all I ever wanted.

Amanda: so if he was gonna die after you did him,

would you still?

Alex: uh!

Alex: no.

Alex: that's sad

Alex: that's incredibly sad!

Amanda: but as soon as he leaves the room, he's

gonna get with anyone else and die anyway

Alex: I'd be selfish and that's horrible! NO!


Alex: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Amanda: fine

Amanda: lol

Alex: I'm gonna cry now. I wish you never

said that.

Amanda: I take it back

Amanda: *poof*

Amanda: taken back

Alex: *whew* that was really scary and sad. I

wanted to cry.

Amanda: you have a interest in ****?

Amanda: you said he'd be kinky. and being a

big slut and all.. lol

Amanda: j/k

Alex: you're really raggin on me now aren't

ya! it's just all in my head, ya know I'm' all talk. i'd never

do that stuff. but I wish I could! j/k lol. ew no. I just have a slutty


Amanda: lol

Amanda: slutty mind

Alex: hah

Amanda: would you fight me for ****? like in this

'perfect virgin room'

Alex: probably not.

Amanda: really? thanks, you're a pal

Amanda: lol

Alex: would you want to fight me for him?

Alex: haha

Amanda: no

Alex: oh really?

Amanda: I'd take you anyway. based solely on the

fact that i got about 400 pounds on you

Alex: so if I threatened you would you like

back off? I wouldn't do that though, but you gotta

promise me I get him when you're done

Amanda: no, I'd rumble for him. but i get him

SEVERAL times before you get him


Alex: that's not fair

Amanda: you can have him as much as you want,

after i had him, cuz i wouldn't want him back

Alex: how many times is several. i can't wait

around ya know

Amanda: you'd be busy... with **** and ****

Alex: how long do you think ****'d last?

Amanda: oh i don't know. that's why i said several,

what if its all, 'bam.. done' then i got him once, for like

7.4 seconds and then you get him for all eternity

Amanda: AND if he was all virginal, then it would

take him SEVERAL times to reach full potential you see,

therefore by the time you got him, he'd be all broken in

and ready to go..

Alex: lol oh thanks! that's cool I guess.

Amanda: cuz i wouldn't have him after you. thats

like.. wrong.

Alex: lol, but I get him after you. is that


Amanda: no.. cuz then its just like, oh amanda had

him, now i get him

Amanda: not like, amanda had him, alex had him,

amanda has him again

Alex: I'd wait awhile, not like 10 seconds like

"done with amanda? ok let's go" I'd let him "recharge"

and relax for awhile. lol.

Amanda: well yeah... there'd be relaxing in

between each 'several' too. he's no good if i put him into

cardiac arrest before you get him anyway

Amanda: i can't believe i'm debating this. its funny,

but its sad with what ease we can talk about passing

around ****. lol.

Amanda: in what order tho? **** and then ****, or

**** then ****

Alex: I still don't know.

Alex: "threesomes are ok"

Alex: lol

Amanda: would you have a threesome with them?

Alex: haha that'd be cool

Alex: but really REALLY I don't think so

Amanda: no but, in your slutty mind you would?

Alex: in my slutty mind I would

Amanda: since i get **** first, you can have Justin Timberlake

first in the celebrity section of this little shack or whatever


he a virgin and stuff? no britney?

Amanda: yep

Amanda: to make up for the **** thing

Amanda: but dude, i totally get him after you?

Amanda: i'm proud of this convo, big ups to me

Alex: lol!

Alex: you can have Justin after me, of course.

Alex: damn, giddy up and digitally get down

Amanda: hey, if the only way you could get Justin

first is if you got with Isaac Hanson (who snuck in with Taylor and

Zac Hanson, for me) would you still? lets say you got to keep Justin this


Alex: uh no way in hell. that's the most sickest

thing in the whole fucking world. TAKE IT BACK!

Amanda: *poof*

Amanda: that is pretty bad.... i wouldn't either

Amanda: even if my entrance to this whole shack

depended on it... i'd climb through a window or

something.... lol

Alex: lmao

Alex: beat the system!

Amanda: lol, exactly

Alex: I'd just like.. shoot Isaac. I mean, no

one really would care and there's no like guards or


Alex: only us have access to the shack,


Amanda: totally

Alex: you have to be a ghetto bitch card

holder to enter.

Alex: lol

Amanda: this shack has a shower tho.. lol, tight

Alex: DUDE! YES! and a sauna.

Amanda: two showers dude, two

Alex: like 3 different kinds of beds.. and a

kitchen... and a hot tub and a big stereo system (music to

get it on by, lol) and TV for... watching. I guess. OH and a big

elaborate lighting system with like pink and purple and

blue colors. with a disco ball

Alex: I got really into it. lol

Amanda: lol

Amanda: this shack is tight

Amanda: there has to be two of everything cuz i

don't want it on some bed you and like.. *** just got it on


Amanda: ew

Amanda: who's the kitchen for? lol..

Alex: well duh, we have different sections of

the shack. kitchen would be for food... to like... eat.

Amanda: dude, i know

Alex: like there's 2 of everything, and then on

either side is like the same as the other side, but one's

your side and ones mine.

Alex: dude, I'll draw a picture of it in paint.

Alex: this is fun. isnt't this fun, amanda? big

ups to us. being a ghetto bitch is tight

Amanda: yes, this is fun

Amanda: being a ghetto bitch is tight

Amanda: oh, a dressing room. for effect

Amanda: lol

Alex: I see like an actual shack, but

expanded. I literally imagined a broken down brown

wooden tiny tiny shack in the middle of the woods with

all the guys in it but inside had like nice painted walls and

florescent lights.

Alex: at first- before all the expansion.

Amanda: i gotta have a different outfit for each guy

Amanda: and an ass load of wife beaters. in all

colors. lol

Alex: lol!

Alex: ok dude, I'm making the layout plans


Amanda: I'm not. omg, you are sad. lol.



[pointless conversation here while I'm drawing a map... ok then I send it to her]


Amanda: holy shit this is elaborate

Alex: are you looking at it now?

Amanda: yes

Amanda: OMG!

Amanda: that is way elaborate

Amanda: lobby

Amanda: that is fucking crunk

Alex: they just sit and wait for us to devriginze

them. they have magazines on the table in the middle.

Amanda: lol

Amanda: magazines huh?

Alex: dude! they'll be SEX magazines! then

they'll have some sort of clue, ya know?

Alex: lol!

Alex: "who's a genius, who's a genius?"

Amanda: dude.. this is crazy

Alex: hahaha

Amanda: you are a genius

Alex: hehe

Alex: ya know what? we could... oh n/m. it's

too sci-fi.

Alex: but it'd be tight none the less

Alex: like in the little section, behind the lobby

will be a chamber where when they're done, they'll walk

into it and be all virginized again. that's what I was talking

about. lol. ALWAYS FRESH! yet, they'll know what

they're doing. lol

Amanda: lol

Alex: "so fresh and so clean, clean"

Amanda: you know what? at risk of not sounded

slutty enough, i wouldn't even want to get sweaty that

much, the cuddling after would make it all worth it

Alex: that's what the chillin room is for

Alex: TV and a little couch. and ya know if

your done cuddlin, the couch folds out into a bed to

make out on. I thought of everything

Amanda: yeah ya did

Amanda: i feel kinda bad for the boys, they are

like our sex bitches

Alex: that's exactly what they are

Alex: the bedroom has a disco ball in it with

pink lights and blue lights and mirrors on every wall.

Alex: dude, I'm printing this out.

Amanda: dude, thats funny

Amanda: and we thought of all this and we're

sober... we don't need illegal substances, we're this dope

without them

Amanda: the world couldn't take the kind of ideas

the two of us drunk could come up with

Alex: so you're only doing like 1 person?

dude!.... what a waste of a perfectly good sex shack. if

all your gonna do is one guy and then cuddle with *****

the rest of the time then... damn.

Amanda: no! i didn't say that



Amanda: i'm sayin, i'm gonna get with ****, and

***** and all the celebrity guests, but the only one i'm

keeping is *****. the rest can like, go home or something

Amanda: you know what though? to decide which

ones are first, i'd like makeout with all of them, and tease

them like we're gonna go right then, then move to the

next boy, and the hottest ones go first

Alex: but you can't just cuddle in the sex

shack forever. it was meant for SEX! like LOTS OF IT!

Amanda: goddammit, i know!

Amanda: there will be plenty of sex, i'm just saying

someday the sex will stop

Alex: you can't just settle down in the shag


Amanda: i know, i just turned back for a sec..


Alex: but once it stops you have to be kicked

out. sorry. it was built for one purpose only. you need to

build a little cottage with ***** once you start living

outside of the ghetto bitch house

Amanda: oh i know

Amanda: i couldn't raise a family there! "mommy,

what is aunt alex doing with that man?"

Alex: i think I will probably live in the ghetto

bitches house for a loooong time

Amanda: yeah you will

Alex: lol. that's my mind talking

Amanda: lol, slutty mind

Alex: hehe

Amanda: oh dude, I gotta go now

Alex: oh that sucks.

Amanda: peace

Alex: peace



wow that took a long time editing. sorry a lot of that was pointless to read, but I'm sure you enjoyed it, didn't ya? lol. p.s. peepee's scare me. I'm not a whore, really. sex is yucky! ewy gross boys!

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