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I know Al & Al are so popular you might think, "gee I wish I could talk to them, but it's impossible to get a hold of them!" As you might have guessed, they are extensively known throughout the world and have huge fan bases, mailbags after mailbags spilling to the rim with letters and packages, and hot sexy guys constantly calling them up- just because everyone wants a piece of the Al & Al action. Now you, too, can get a slice of the girls on the up rise! only through this official website you can e-mail them at:


"Call me!"

-Allison, Splash mountain 2001


A little info on the background picture: This picture was during the making of one of their major motion films "The Wiz and the Prin" which became a box office hit and a cult classic. Left: Alex (The Prin), Allison (The Wiz). Alex was on the phone with producers right after they finished filming to get it into theaters. the tape is in her hand. Early on in their career, only in 6th grade. After this movie they became their own writers/actors/agents/producers/managers and handled it fairly well from then on.