"Get in the car."

This here is a story about a silly happening that just goes to show how silly Al & Al can really be.

It was after 2:31, the "normal" time Al & Al's school is released. Allison had just rounded up the troops and marched them out to the car. There, by her car, she spotted a bright orange safety cone. Allison had been yelling at everyone to quickly get into car. just so everyone wouldn't think she was totally angry at them, she thought, "I'll pick this cone up and put it on my car..." Actually, she hadn't really thought it through at all, and just picked up the cone and put it on top the car thinking "ha, I'm gonna put this on top of my car." If only you could see the confused faces of the passengers as this shenanigan was taking place. Carolyn, Allison's sister, was yelling profusely "what.. what the hell are you doing? what the hell? ..hey! open the damn trunk!!" Allison snapped back at her quickly: "no! get the fuck in the car!" Alex, in the passenger seat, was laughing at the mayhem unraveling, and at the thoughts of the silly possibilities to come up ahead. Allison pulled out of the senior P-lot, driving carefully as to not knock over the cone with driving force. As they continually kept driving, they knew the cone was still in place as they saw confused and shocked looks on pedestrian's faces walking on the sidewalks. The fun ended when the cone could no longer handle the wind and slid off the back of the car. this irresponsibility caused a car to swerve behind them. No one was hurt in the making of this silly happening.

The shot above is Alex taking a pic of the cone atop the car, in motion.